Trees to Treasures

Handmade Amish furniture

The Trees 2 Treasures Story

We are a small family operation born out of necessity. A number of years ago a 70 acre parcel of timber came into our possession containing a wide variety of species with the dominant one being Norway pine. The state forester indicated there was no market for them. They were small trees that should have been pruned years earlier to let them mature. However, an Amish furniture maker in the area indicated they have used similar trees to make a good product. It was decided to give it a try.

The Amish did the felling of the trees and skidded them out of the timber to a staging area with a team of horses, so as not to cause any additional harm to the terrain. The logs were cut at the Amish saw mill and placed in our storage building to air dry down to 14% moisture. A solar kiln is being used to slowly dry the boards to 6%-7% for furniture quality lumber. Our family members have requested some furniture to be made for their families because these were Grandma's trees. Thus the "Trees 2 Treasures" name came about. The Amish have a tradition of creating a quality durable product much cheaper than factory made items. We like to refer to it as ‘primitive Amish’.

As time has progressed, we have several other species of wood we are working with. Options include Oak, Cedar, Walnut, Cherry, Ash, and Maple. We have started to use the waste product for sale to crafters to create clocks, small tables, signs, etc. Any remaining scrap lumber will be used in a wood boiler furnace to produce auxiliary heat in the kiln for days the sun does not shine. We do not waste anything.  

Our goal is to be as green as practical, provide a use for some trees that were deemed worthless, make a few bucks to cover our venture, and most of all have FUN.